Klopstockhaus (Foto: Literaturmuseum Klopstockhaus, W. Fischer)

The museum is the birthplace of the poet Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (1724-1803), a half-timbered house from the 16th century. Klopstock was through his works and his thinking the founder of our classic German literature. Other exhibitions in this house inform about Dorothea Christiana Erxleben, the first German post-doctoral doctor, Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths, an eminent teacher of the 18th century and Carl Ritter, the founder of geography as a science. Since 1899, the Klopstockhaus mediated as biographical literary history museum and gives you a glimpse of life and work of the poet, which performance shaped the new literary of its time significantly. His epic works "The Mesias" and his poetry (odes, hymns, songs) mark impressively a turning point in the history of poetry. Today his greatest achievement is considered the renewal and expansion of poetic language and versification.



Das einzige monografische Museum zum Werk und eine der weltweit bedeu­tendsten Bestände zur Druckgrafik Feiningers locken...

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